2011-11-06 – BCHP Schooling Horse Trials

Hey all!  Penny and I shot the BCHP Schooling horse trials on Sunday.  Penny was down taking stadium photos while I was up cross country.  Beautiful day for a Horse trials and was a great way to cap off a shooting season for us.  Photos are online here!

Thanks for checking out the site!  JD and Penny

2011-10-02 – Bucks County Horse Park Fall Jumper Classic

Hey all!  Penny and I stuck it out with the rest of you through all the rain and got some great photos! We got back pretty early today, so guess what?!  Pics have been uploaded and are all available here!! http://photos.tallmanphoto.com/Equestrian/2011-10-02-BCHP-Fall-Jumper – Thanks for supporting us! JD


2011-09-18 – CJHA at East Freehold Park

Hey all!  We got some great photos from the show Sunday.  Seems like proofing went really quickly, but we still took like 3000 photos!  Guess what?!  They are all online and ready to be looked at!  Check them out here. -JD

2011-09-11 – BCHP Combined Test

Photos from the show can be found here!! So I was shooting stadium and I gotta say it looked like a pretty tough course.   The hard turns, skinny that gave everyone problems, big oxers.  So, some pics of the aftermath!  Sorry, I had to! 🙂

2011-08-21 – LVDA Dressage Show

Photos are online for 2011 LVDA Dressage Show at Bucks County Horse Park.  Click here to check out the pics!

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